Fluorescent Grey: Ambiente

3xCD with wooden box and art cards

Cataclyst is deeply honoured to present a joint release with the fine Record Label Records imprint.

Ambiente is NOW SHIPPING from Record Label Records in the US and Norman Records in the UK. Limited to 100 copies with a special custom made wooden box including 35 art cards. Another art-edition, limited to 10 copies comes with an original 10x10 painting by Abby Martin and is available exclusively from Record Label RecordsIgloo-Mag has posted an early review of Ambiente. 

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All sounds by Robbie Martin w/ guests: Steven Frenda, Djynxx, Sean Dimentia, Ben Vanderford, Laurie Kirchner, Brian English, Mike Dunkley & Unknown Alien Species

Disc 1: The Harmoniums Reside in the Caverns of Mercury   :  2005-2008    15 Tracks,  68:14

Disc 2: Uncanny Valley  :  2009-2011    25 Tracks,   79:35

Disc 3: Ritual at the Super Volcano  :  2012      13 Tracks,  79:39 

Limited edition of 10 original paintings by Abby Martin which includes regular edition ie: 3xCD + box + art cards


35 art cards contained inside normal limited edition of 100 with wooden box


Maximum love and respect to Record Label Records for putting this beautiful project together.

electronic / experimental sound & music

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